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Having fun with your emotions

Before having too much fun manipulating and being innovative with our emotions, we first need to learn how they work, and how to control them. Understanding how we are wired up, the effect our emotions have on our performance and physiology and how they affect our behavior and relationships are part of the learning process.

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New York City

Our Kiwi attitude to alcohol and drunkenness is quite frankly a national disgrace. I'm not moaning, it's a fact. I often hear bandied about that if we tighten our laws around alcohol especially around the Rugby World Cup we will be the laughing stock of the world as Auckland needs to be a global city.

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The importance of “being chilled”

Having just spent 4 days working as a doctor at Auckland City Hospital over Easter I am appreciating the importance of being chilled. In my 20 years working as a doctor I have spent 7 Easters that I can remember working in the Emergency Department of a number of hospitals and Emergency Clinics. In that 20 years I have seen unbelievable road carnage, families and lives destroyed and changed forever.

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Reclaiming the important things in life

"We have collected data over the years. We have data on at least 2000 people. I believe in the scientific approach. Everyone that came to my workshop had to do an online survey and we noticed that there were triggers that annoy people like dealing with traffic, small children, relationships at work. But what I started noticing was that there was common patterns of thinking about these triggers."

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Book of the week: Healthy Thinking

By Sakshi Ojha - "These are pretty interesting and keep you hooked up. For instance, in the second part Dr. Mulholland uses the technique of comparative analysis to highlight two different kinds of attitudes, thus making it easier for the reader to decide which of the two options would be a better one in a given situation."

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