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The Healthy Thinking® system helps people manage their emotions to get better clarity and enjoyment out of life. You can control your emotions rather than them controlling you.

Developed by Experts

Healthy Thinking is based on proven medical and psychological science. Our Training Institute is run by accredited and internationally recognised doctors, clinical and organisational psychologists, psychiatrists and educators with vast experience in clinical and business performance.

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Proven Success

In addition to independent research, successful pilots and testimonials from actual users, some of the largest companies in the world such as Google, Hilton, Audi, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, have used us to deliver the Healthy Thinking approach throughout their organisations.

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How We Can Help

Self-Directed Online Programme

The Healthy Thinking Institute online learning programme provides people with the knowledge and tools needed to self-diagnose and treat attitude illness in themselves and others. You can make crucial changes in your thinking that will change the outcome of most situations – not just in times of crisis but in every part of your life.

This programme is ideal for people who are self-motivated, and willing to take a proactive approach to improve the quality of their everyday interactions, levels of self-awareness and emotional wellbeing.

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Create a Healthy Thinking Workplace

Companies that adopt Healthy Thinking are equipped with a set of tools that reduces the occurance and impact of unhealthy emotions in the workplace. This is a result of people sharing a common language in which to communicate their attitudes and feelings, leading to a stronger workplace culture.

Our Healthy Thinking programme for business and organisations is run by OPRA Psychology Group, who are experts in the science of staff development.

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Be Accredited to Help Others

Healthy Thinking is a philosophy and a science; a set of tools. We guarantee that doing the Healthy Thinking personal and attitude development training can make a significant difference in your life. Why wouldn’t you and those around you want to be Healthy Thinkers? If you are already in the profession of helping others, consider becoming an accredited Healthy Thinking Coach.

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Healthy Thinking is a fine tool and we can help people such as Doctors and paramedics better cope with stress so they can get on with the job of helping others.

John Sollers, Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland

Tom has got a great message which he presents in a humorous way. How do we change things? By changing our attitudes. He provides great examples of what and how.

Ralph Norris, CEO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Healthy Thinking® program not only helped create a more productive workplace it gave our people real tools to improve the quality of their private lives.

Grant Simpson, CEO, ACE Insurance

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