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No one on their death bed ever says ‘you have to die of something’

Sure you have to die of something, but it doesn't have to be emphysema, cancer or a heart attack. In my 25 years of being an emergency department doctor not one person suffering these fatal conditions has ever said "you have to die of something". Mostly they're short of breath, pale, sweaty, frightened and often want their mum.

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Visualise it to make it happen

Do you want to be rich or free, or both? Visualise what you want, where you will be and how it will feel and even taste and you have yet another tool in your well and good toolbox. However, a vision without action is just a hallucination. How much do you really want it? What will you sacrifice, endure or suffer to reach that vision?

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What does wellbeing really mean?

As I write in my book Healthy Thinking, "It was the first light I had seen at the end of a tunnel that wasn't a train" when I discovered I could finally escape my unhealthy emotions. Ninety per cent of the thoughts that make you feel bad are not actually true, your emotional brain has hijacked your rational brain.

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Doctor brings healthy thinking to rural South Island

By Susan Sandys - "Talking at a free Healthy Thinking breakfast seminar held by Farmstrong at the Hotel Ashburton earlier this month, attended by about 30 farmers, Dr Mulholland instructed in healthy thinking strategies. One of those was to ask the question “Have you twigged yet?”, playing on the acronym, TWiG."

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Getting Started: How New Zealand is taking on mental health

From FG Insight - "Dr Mulholland is now part of a new initiative helping farmers think more healthily. He asks: “How emotionally fit are you? How are you controlling the volatility between your ears? Farmers are generally good at looking after land and stock, but when we asked farmers what proportion of their time they felt stressed or frustrated, the answer came out at 42 per cent."

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Could you win a World Cup?

From Blog Talk Radio - "Dr Tom has been affiliated with the FIJI and Taranaki Rugby teams. He is well known for his whole concept around healthy thinking, healthy life and there is no doubt this best-selling author, TV star and medical professional will deliver a world class interview with hosts Dave & Mike."

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