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People often say ‘change your attitude!’ Now you can learn how with Healthy Thinking’s Attitude and Emotional Development Online Training Programme. Put the Power of Healthy Thinking into practice with our comprehensive Healthy Thinking Digital Learning Solution.



Delivered online, the Healthy Thinking Digital Learning Solution will teach you how to gain control over your attitude and emotions, manage stress, and develop a Healthy Thinking approach to life. It is available to you for a whole year after enrolment, storing your personal and company data securely so you can reach it wherever you log in.

Becoming a Healthy Thinker is to some degree an evolutionary process; i.e. it happens over time, and this long-term accessibility allows you to review the content as often as you want to, whenever and wherever suits you.


The Healthy Thinking Digital Learning Solution, includes six self-pacing modules which incorporate videos and many response activities to work through at your own pace, (they normally take people between 2 and 6 hours depending on how deeply they wish to explore their own thought processes as they work through).

Included with your purchase is full access to the Attitude Profile Diagnostic Test and other feedback diagnostic tools that allow you to measure and monitor your changing emotional self and attitude-set against your original attitude and emotion set.

Your growth and develop as a Healthy Thinker will be clearly evidenced over time. While assuring individual privacy, we are also able to represent aggregate change across all individuals in an organisation through these tools.

Your Healthy Thinking Digital Learning Solution contains an online diary where you record your responses in activities as you work through the course, and where you are then encouraged to record your personal experiences in life as you apply Healthy Thinking.


Applying Healthy Thinking will initially require a very conscious process to be followed at moments that will be clear to you through the training, until you habituate Healthy Thinking to the point where the process becomes second nature to you; seemingly happening without conscious input.

It normally takes six weeks to break old habits and form new ones like this, and this course gives you all the time you need and then some.

Just six weeks of consistent application of your thoughts at a few key moments each day which we will teach you to recognise, will change emotional and attitudinal habits that cause stress and ill health – for life! A new, happier, calmer and more positive you, will be the result.


Please contact us for information about the Healthy Thinking Digital Learning Solution. Individual logins and bulk logins for business or organisations are available.

Our new e-learning programme is currently not available and soon to be released. Contact us for future interest and updates.

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