Live fast die old and have a good looking corpse

How are you going for 2012?

What I have learned in 20 years as a doctor and 10 years teaching Healthy Thinking is that if you want to change behaviour, it helps to reward people. 2011 was good for me in that I lost 17 kilos in weight by rewarding myself in other ways than eating, and have partnered with Les Mills. I thought I was getting old but discovered I was just getting fat. How old do you feel and look, how are your energy and motivation levels?

So in 2012, my new book is coming out and speaking gigs arranged for London and Hong Kong. With Les Mills we have launched the Healthiest Place to work competition with trips for 20 people to Fiji for a week to give away. You have to be in to win so join us to Fiji and get healthy at the same time.

What I have also learned is that only Coach the Coachable. If you want to learn how to manage your emotions and GET MORE DONE then you have to put in some effort and work. If you want to Live Fast Die Old it helps not to die early. Sadly in my job as a Doctor in the Emergency Department I see too many people dying way too early and living slow.

The link between mind and body is huge and the exponential results you get from combining the two is amazing. My Heart Rate variability has improved out of site by losing weight.

I challenge you to get moving in 2012 and live longer and have more fun at the same time. How will you reward yourself? Will you see more of your kids birthdays, more rugby world cups?? The clock is ticking.. don’t miss out get OUT and Move, Think and Act Healthy.

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